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Understand and help your customers. Leave no one behind. Those are two of the values we live by, and they drive us to always help our customers perform to their highest potential.

Wherever you are, we are

We are a global energy company with offices in 19 countries and activities in over 140 countries. This global presence means that we are never too far away from our customers, and it allows us to work closely with them and support them - before, during, and after a project. 

We want our customers to not only feel safe working with us but to grow and flourish. We take pride in having co-responsibility for our customers’ success – for short-term business results as well as long-term business transformation.

More than a product supplier

To ensure the success of our customers, we take on the role of a complete project partner. In fact, we often refer to our customers as partners, and we work in close cooperation with them at every step of the way - from project conception to hand-over and beyond. 

Through our resources as a global company, we give our customers access to knowledge and expertise from a wide range of areas and decades of experience. Our staff includes highly skilled and trained project managers, engineers, and technicians. This allows us to offer complete turnkey projects where we take care of construction, installation, civil works, permits, certifications, and everything in between. 

Our dedication shows in the average length of our customer relationships: 26 years. Once we deliver a solution, we stay in touch and make sure that everything is running as it should. That is the essence of our value "Don't leave anybody behind".

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Our complete service packages give you security

No equipment lasts forever, no matter how well we design it. Eventually, it will need special care. That is why our customers value us for our capacity to provide flexible and comprehensive service packages that act as a safety net for their operation and profits. 

The customer's needs determine the level of service agreement. Our technicians can drop by a few times a year, or we can assume total responsibility for the entire maintenance of a customer's facility. Or something in between. 


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Facility Management and flexible solutions

Facility Management

We know our equipment better than anyone - after all, we were with it right from the beginning. Not only that, but we have been tweaking and improving it for years - and in some cases many decades. 

All that experience is why we are able to offer our customers to completely assume responsibility for the operation, maintenance, and administration of their facilities. We call this Facility Management.

By signing a facility management contract, our customers can focus on the core of their business and eliminate variables. We hire and train our own crews, and we deliver an agreed-upon output at a fixed cost - all with maximum safety and efficiency.

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We are thankful for our good relationship with MAKEEN Energy. Whenever we have a technical issue, they respond quickly and with genuine concern. And even if we haven't experienced an issue, they still come by to shake hands and check up on the equipment. It makes our job easier to know we can count on them.

Ing. Jorge Clavijo, District Manager, Operation and Maintenance, YPFB, Bolivia

Training courses

Having the right knowledge of equipment and safety procedures is a huge advantage in any operation, whether it is an LPG filling plant or a different type of facility. Upgrading that knowledge can be the key to reaching those crucial extra percentages that give a competitive advantage. 

We regularly help our customers and partners by offering training courses in safety, maintenance, operational efficiency, and more. Our decades of experience in working with gas mean that you would be hard-pressed to find people who know more about the subject than we do, and we are eager to pass on this knowledge to help our customers.

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