Reconditioning equipment

Shroud and foot ring straighteners

Our shroud and foot ring straighteners are designed for rapid, precise and safe repair of damaged shrouds and foot rings on LPG cylinders.

  • Obtain nice-looking cylinders with high market value
  • Avoid accumulation of damaged cylinders in the filling hall
  • Avoid production stops and breakdown because of damaged shrouds and foot rings
  • Ex-proof equipment for installation directly in filling hall
  • Delivered ready for use




More LPG products and solutions

  • Purging systems

    Replace atmospheric air with LPG in vapour state quickly and safely with our purging systems – while avoiding both capacity reduction and the dangerous mix of LPG and atmospheric air.

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  • Valve changing machine

    With the valve changing machine, it is quick and safe to change LPG cylinder valves. The machine has special keys for all valve types.

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  • Surface treatment of cylinders

    Obtain high cylinder quality and long cylinder lifetime by providing the surface of your cylinders with the right treatment. It is an important and natural part of the standard inspection procedure.

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