Handling and transport equipment

Robotic cylinder handling system

Engineered by HTPCO

General description

The cylinder handling robot is a cutting-edge solution for efficient and safe loading and unloading of LPG cylinders into caged trucks. It is an AI-enabled robot, engineered to revolutionise the way we handle LPG cylinders and enhances operational efficiency while ensuring safety and cost-effectiveness, eliminating the need for human assistance during the process.


The LPG cylinder handling robot is a fully automatic solution that offers numerous advantages over traditional methods of handling LPG cylinders. This advanced technology provides unparalleled control and adaptability. The cylinder handling robot efficiently handles the loading and unloading of cylinders from trucks and warehouses. The entire system is highly adaptive to different truck floor heights, accommodating various cylinder variations, and can handle 6-7 cylinders in each cycle with an average turnaround time of 15 minutes. It offers enhanced monitoring with an intelligent vision system and laser guidance, ensuring precise truck alignment and making the entire process remarkably safe. The seamless integration provides tailor-made solutions to meet the unique requirements of an LPG plant.

The system is compatible with MAKEEN Energy's Industry 4.0 Digital Solution, which enables data capturing of the process for remote supervision, performance optimisation, and predictive/preventive maintenance alerts through e.g. a MAKEEN Energy cloud solution (optional).


  • Fully automatic robotic handler that can work round the clock, offering consistent and efficient performance and reducing operational downtime
  • Can handle up to 324 cylinders in under 15 minutes, ensuring smooth and swift operations
  • Built-in self-diagnostics features to proactively identify and address potential issues, minimising operational interruptions
  • Equipment provides a telescopic boom that can reach up to 13 meters, and it can be customised for even longer travel distances beyond 13 meters

Maximum safety

  • Reduces the risk of accidents and injuries associated with manual handling of heavy LPG cylinders
  • Equipped with advanced safety mechanisms and sensors that ensure the safe and proper handling of cylinders
  • The robot’s precise movements minimise the potential for gas leaks, as cylinders are handled securely and without undue stress or impact

Optimised production

  • Provides laser guidance for truck alignment, ensuring perfect positioning for efficient loading and unloading
  • Can handle multiple cylinder categories, accommodating various sizes, from 14 kg to 19 kg, and more
  • Offers auto-alignment with the truck’s position, ensuring a seamless and precise cylinder handling process
  • MAKEEN Energy’s Industry 4.0 Digital Solution ensures remote supervision and performance optimisation

Reduced loading and unloading time

On average, it takes just 15 minutes to load an entire truck, significantly reducing the time required for these operations.

Safety assurance

The cylinder handling robot equipment is ATEX/PESO certified for Zone 1, IIA and IIB, meeting the highest safety standards.

High cost savings with quick ROI

It is highly cost-effective, leading to substantial savings and a quick return on investment (ROI) due to reduced labour costs and increased efficiency.

User-friendly and low maintenance

Self-diagnostics features in the robot help in easy operations with less maintenance and manpower.

Customisable and flexible to needs

The robotic system is highly adaptable and allows selectable loading recipes through an intrinsically safe keyboard, making it easy to tailor operations to your specific needs.


The robot utilises an AI-enabled system with auto-alignment and laser guidance, ensuring precise and safe cylinder handling with minimal human intervention.

Functional description

Every cylinder is directed from the testing unit to the dispatch area, where all the filled cylinders gather for loading onto trucks. In the conventional method, the task of loading and unloading LPG cylinders typically necessitates 8-9 workers. However, an LPG cylinder handling robot stationed at the dispatch area, can operate autonomously, requiring no human assistance. During each cycle, the robot adeptly handles and arranges 6-7 cylinders in a row, optimising the loading process with impressive efficiency.

It employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) for safe and efficient automatic operations, catering to various cylinder categories with a remarkable capacity to handle 324 cylinders in less than 15 minutes. Its precision movements reduce the risk of gas leaks, securely handling cylinders without undue stress or impact. The system seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with AI and assists in the operations like remote supervision, performance optimisation, and predictive maintenance alerts. This advanced technology ensures a safer, more efficient, and well-maintained LPG cylinder handling process.



LPG handling involves potentially hazardous materials. The robot ensures precise and safe handling, minimising the risk of accidents, gas leaks, and injuries, making it a safer option for both workers and the environment.


The robot can handle a large number of cylinders quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing the time required for loading and unloading. This increased efficiency can lead to cost savings and improved productivity.


LPG Cylinder Handling Robot can be programmed to handle various cylinder sizes and types, providing flexibility to meet different operational requirements.

Workforce Reduction

Traditional methods of LPG cylinder handling often require a significant workforce. The robot can perform these tasks autonomously, reducing the need for manual labour and associated costs.