Filling equipment

The next industry standard

The demand for our FLEXSPEED system surpasses our expectations. The combination of simplicity, innovation, cost-effectiveness and flexible capacity beyond imagination has shaken up the gas cylinder filling market and forever changed the conception of what can be accomplished at filling plants.

Replacing but a few wearing parts in a matter of minutes is enough to change cylinder types and so handle gas cylinders with a body diameter from 230-380 mm and up to 600 mm tall in a standard FLEXSPEED system. This covers all cylinder types in the world for which it makes sense to perform high-speed handling and filling – equalling a low unit cost. Naturally, other cylinder types can be processed according to order.

The change of cylinder types is the only time FLEXSPEED actually stops the cylinders from moving through the system. And looking at the cylinders being processed, you will never feel the actual high speed or any increase in the noise level. You will find your benefit in the high production throughput and your cost savings.

We have standardised most of the parts and components and optimised others to facilitate easier service, repairs, and replacement of wearing parts anywhere in the system.

The filling machines are mounted on a specially designed double arm which compensates for possible malposition of cylinders on the carrousel and so avoids possible damage to the machines and guides, and as a result, prevents a carrousel breakdown.

This mounting principle also makes it easy and quick to take out a machine for service, repair or replacement, while the carrousel continues the operation with only an absolute minimum of idle time. Many conventional carrousel based systems stand idle through-out the service time - but FLEXSPEED keeps on running.

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