Checking equipment

Weight correction machine WCM

Manual in-line in roller conveyor or stand-alone

The electronically controlled weight correction machine WCM is an independent unit designed for in-line installation in a roller conveyor or stand-alone installation.

This WCM is primarily equipped with one manual filling head and the weight correction is performed by either filling or evacuating LPG into/from the cylinder. When evacuating LPG, the cylinder can be tilted to horizontal position for most efficient performance.

The WCM performs weight corrections in LPG cylinders with very high accuracy, as it is equipped with a special throttle valve that regulates the LPG flow. This allows the software to calculate the net content of the cylinder extremely accurately.

MAKEEN Connect

The machine is compatible with MAKEEN Energy's Industry 4.0 Digital Solution, which enables data capturing of the process for remote supervision, performance optimisation, and predictive/preventive maintenance alerts through e.g. a MAKEEN Energy cloud solution (optional).


Safety and profits

Maximum production uptime

Optimised production

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