Smiles amidst disaster

On 15 June 2017, Kosan Crisplant Sri Lanka (KCLK), a MAKEEN Energy company, donated school bags, clothing material and shoes to approximately 250 school children affected by the recent floods in the country. The event was organized in coordination with the government officials at Ratnapura - one of the worst hit districts of the country.

The severe rain in May 2017 caused floods and landslides in many areas of Sri Lanka. Hundreds of people lost their lives and many thousands lost their life-long earnings and property. Although the floods have receded, some people still remain at the relief camps because their houses are totally destroyed or because there are landslide threats to their places of living.

Many private sector organizations joined with the Government's effort to support the people affected by this natural disaster. International agencies and other countries also contributed tremendously for this humanitarian effort.

Children are among the most affected by this natural disaster. About 44 deaths of school children have been reported. Many were left homeless and many more lost essential items such as books, bags, uniforms etc., for their education. Schools in these areas were also damaged due to the severe weather conditions.

Therefore, supporting these school children and their education has become a primary need for Sri Lanka. KCLK thought it is best to extend a helping hand to the children - to rise through these difficult times.

With this background and with the strong support of its corporate leadership, KCLK arranged this donation campaign. The Government officials, teachers and parents present at the occasion appreciated the effort and extended their gratitude for the contribution.

It is yet another occasion where we prove that 'We will not leave anybody behind' in our responsibility towards society.

image of Sri Lankan school children standing in a line

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