Another project manager has secured an acclaimed PMI certificate

In the world of project management, PMI (Project Management Institute) is not a random anybody. On the contrary. With more than 50 years’ history and millions of trained professionals, the PMI certification is, indeed, a seal of approval. And now, Florent Baglieri, one of our project managers, can also boast about one of the internationally acclaimed certificates. He is not the first at MAKEEN Energy to do so, and he will not be the last.

In 2019, we started to train all our project managers according to the PMI standard, and even though the certification itself is new to us, the approach is like an old friend. PMI corresponds very well with how we already handle project management, so in broad terms it is mostly a matter of aligning the way we work, taking the tests and bringing home the certificates. And Florent Baglieri is the most recent project manager to complete this mission.

The PMI certifications ensure that I speak exactly the same language as the other project managers. And that makes our work and our communication so much more efficient.

Florent Baglieri, Project Manager CAPM®, MAKEEN Energy

The alignment is without a doubt a clear advantage – both for us and for our customers. Internally, the PMI certifications make sure that all our project managers, whether they sit in France, Brazil or somewhere else, have the same approach. And externally, it is an open and evident proof that we adhere to an internationally recognised standard.

Florent Baglieri showing his PMI certification
PMI logo

The PMI certifications

The PMI framework covers a range of certifications that all take their starting point in the same set of ideas. At MAKEEN Energy, we train our project managers to take the PMP (Project Management Professional) and CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) certifications, depending on their level of experience.

Florent Baglieri has a background in engineering and has been working as a project manager for 3 years. In other words – he is in no way a newbie in the game. And for him, the CAPM certification was the goal.

Training for the final PMI exam – at home

In total, Florent has been training for the CAPM certification exam for 3 months. The preparations have included a combination of reading the PMI book, also known as the PMBOK® Guide, and taking online tests.

Normally, you would go to a test centre to take the final exam, but many things have changed lately due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. However, it is still possible to take the test online – and Florent did so from his home office in France and passed in his first attempt.

A common language for all project managers

As a global organisation, MAKEEN Energy has project managers all around the world. They work at different locations, in different languages and with different projects. On average, the team handles about 190 projects every year, and the PMI standard gives them a common and clear framework across all locations and projects.

Usually, Florent has a desk in one of our French offices, and he works mainly with projects in Africa and Southern Europe. As a newly certified project manager, he believes that the PMI training will make cooperation much easier.

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