MAKEEN Energy launches new conveyor chain

When you're dealing with gas equipment, there's just no substitute for quality. The safety of your employees, your product and your business hinges on having equipment that you can rely on. Now, we are proud to introduce the new, original MAKEEN Energy conveyor chain MCC-30: your guarantee for quality.

You may think: Wait, didn't MAKEEN Energy already have a conveyor chain? Yes and no. We have always strived for the highest quality, but until now, our dry chains have been purchased at various suppliers where precise quality control was sometimes difficult. This meant that we could not always be sure of the product's quality - which was painful for perfectionists like us.

Same price, higher quality

The new MCC-30 chain is defined and designed by MAKEEN Energy's own experts, and every piece of chain is produced at the same foundry using our unique steel alloy. This means that we now have complete control over the supply chain. As a result, we can guarantee that the product lives up to MAKEEN Energy's quality standards every time.

As chains get used and worn, they begin to stretch and sag - a bit like the chain on a bicycle, for example. This means that from time to time, you need to shorten your conveyor chain in order to keep it nice and tight. The new MCC-30 chain, however, is much less susceptible to elongation than what we have previously used, which means you will not have to spend as much time shortening it. We took the chain to a laboratory for tests, and the results speak for themselves: Compared to older chains used by Kosan Crisplant and Siraga in the past, the new MAKEEN Energy chain extends two times less under the same nominal tensile strength, and the breaking strength is close to double. In other words, it is built to last even under harsh conditions

The MCC-30 chain from MAKEEN Energy will be integrated into each of our new solutions that includes a conveyor chain - whether you are buying Siraga, Kosan Crisplant or one of our other brands. Since we now only use one single type of chain, we can purchase more at a time, lowering the price - which compensates for its slightly higher production costs. What this means for you, in the end, is that you get a higher quality product for the same price as usual.

We have had the new MAKEEN Energy chain in test since mid-December 2017. It is placed on a difficult portion of the layout (from unloading bottles of the pallet unit until the exit of the washing machine). The chain speed is 24 m/min, we have a 120° curve in this section of the conveyor and a conveyor length of 25m. During this period, we had no maintenance. Usually, we change the chain and sprockets every 6 months. We shortened the chain once, and the sprockets are like new. We will use this chain on the whole circuit as soon as we have to replace used chain sectors - there is no doubt.

Christophe Stynen, Maintenance Foreman, Cobogal, France
Image of a piece of a MAKEEN Energy chain

Wear it well

Even high-quality equipment will wear down eventually - there's no way to avoid that. However, with the original MAKEEN Energy chain, you can rest assured that the wear and tear will be placed on the part of the chain conveyor that is easier and cheaper to replace - the chain. This is because the material used in the MCC-30 chain from MAKEEN Energy is ever so slightly softer than the material used in our conveyor tracks. This ensures that, as the parts grind against each other and the gas cylinders they carry, the chain, not the track, will wear down. This is hugely important, as the difference between changing the chain and changing the track is night and day: Replacing a piece of conveyor track is many times more costly and time-consuming than replacing a conveyor chain. You can read more about wear patterns and chain conveyor maintenance in our e-book, No Weak Links.

Overall, the new MCC-30 conveyor chain from MAKEEN Energy means that you, as our customer, can have complete confidence in the quality of the product you buy. You can rest assured that all the parts of your chain conveyor are designed with each other in mind, creating the perfect harmony and the optimal wear pattern. It means peace of mind, it means fewer production stops and it means safety for your employees.

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