Welcome to Michael Ohm

Michael Ohm is the new Business Unit Director of MAKEEN Gas Equipment

On 1 November 2017, MAKEEN Gas Equipment, formerly known as KC ProSupply, came under new leadership as Michael Ohm took over the position as our new business unit director. Michael started his career in mechanical engineering, and he soon found that he relished the customer service aspect of his work. This passion for listening to and exceeding customers' expectations became an increasingly large part of his career, especially in his work as a Sales Manager.

Michael has many years of experience with the gas industry under his belt, and he looks forward to continue and develop MAKEEN Gas Equipment's practice of providing superior convenience and service to customers around the world.

We are dedicated to ensuring the immediate and long-term success of our customers. Our expertise as consultants, service providers and distributors of excellent gas equipment means that you only ever need to look in one place to secure the success of your gas business.

Michael Ohm Business Unit Director, MAKEEN Gas Equipment

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