A new system ensures superior service solutions

Whether we talk maximisation, optimisation or enhancement, the main purpose is always to make something as fully perfect, functional and effective as possible. To make sure that we always perform the best way we can – both towards customers but also to ourselves – our service team have started to optimise our performance with the new Field Service Management (FSM) system.

Screendump of MAKEEN Energys FSM system on a mobile device

A tool and its functions

The new FSM system is an app for Android devices that will optimise our operations by collecting more data and knowledge about the work we perform. With the many new features it provides, whether it is within structuring, planning or knowledge management, it will enhance our opportunities to learn more from the work we perform, to become more efficient and to keep improving.

Tasks and issues can either be managed manually from a computer or directly in the app. But the system can also autogenerate tasks on predefined times directly at the sites. When a task is solved at a site, it is only necessary to type in the approved solutions. The FSM system will then automatically generate a service report based on the information entered, while storing the information at the same time.

With the unique Customer Portal feature, customers will also be able to access the system. This function will allow them to make requests and approve tasks continually and to follow our operations via dashboards.

Planning and scheduling optimisation

The way the new system is set up gives a much better planning overview, and the app function ensures that technicians can receive tasks directly on their mobile devices. This enables service managers to assign and alter tasks continuously and to plan their day most optimally. This will allow us to plan our field service visits and the daily tasks at our Facility Management (FM) and Facility Service (FS) locations more efficiently in the future.

Additionally, the automatic reminder function will also allow us to plan ahead when it is time to renew contracts.

Screendump of MAKEEN Energys FSM system

Knowledge management and sharing

FSM’s knowledge management features let us store and streamline solutions to different tasks and issues. This will benefit all users worldwide and enable us to learn from each other, thereby processing work tasks faster.

It will also ensure that we do not make the same mistake twice and make it easier to estimate the right amount of time for each task. Not to mention how it will allow us to learn from our own mistakes and keep optimising our products on that basis.

Preventive, not corrective maintenance

With the new FSM system, we can, with the customers' consent, access specific data about what type of filling equipment the they have, and what status it is in. This will both help us in terms of sending out the right people with the right skills, but also to do more preventive maintenance tasks instead of only fixing equipment after it has broken down.

In the future, the system will also be able to connect with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and counters that are able to automatically register when it is time to replace components and generate a task in the FSM system.

Ready, set, go!

User Acceptance Tests (UAT) have been running on the new FSM system in both Portugal and Denmark for a while, which means that all the different functions in the system have, so far, been successfully tested – both from a FM and FS point of view.

With the final stages of the testing almost being done, the new FSM system is already expected to go live in Brazil, Portugal and Denmark during November-December 2020. Then, the system will be introduced in the remaining countries, one at a time.

Michael Bech, Service Manager – Northern and Eastern Europe, says about the new FSM system:

My expectations are really high. It is a huge step for us as a global company, especially regarding optimising our service performance worldwide. But, with the many new features there is no doubt that it will help us optimise many other areas of our organisation as well. Our customers should look forward to better service, less downtime and saving money.

Michael Bech Jensen

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