Our cryogenic division changes name to MAKEEN CRYO

As part of our efforts to create an even stronger, more cohesive organisation that can support our customers worldwide, we are making some changes to the way we present our different solutions. As a consequence, our division for cryogenic gas solutions is changing its name from KC LNG to MAKEEN CRYO.

Our division for liquefied natural gas and liquefied biogas solutions (LNG and LBG, respectively), formerly known as KC LNG, has been renamed to MAKEEN CRYO. But the name is as far as the changes go. Our solutions are still same responsible, flexible, emission-reducing and high quality solutions for truck refuelling, bunkering, and liquefaction. And the team behind it all is still the same (only growing).

MAKEEN Energy is constantly moving forward as one global team, and as part of this process, we are working on strengthening our global brand. KC LNG has been a part of us since the very first days of MAKEEN Energy, and we wanted this connection to be even more visible - Hence the new name. 

If you have any questions about what this change means, feel free to get in touch with us at CRYO@makeenenergy.com

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