Greengear: LPG equipment like you've never seen it before

Did you know that you can have a lawnmower that runs on LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)? How about a generator? Well, you can: KC ProSupply is now a distributor for Greengear and their line of innovative LPG-powered equipment for homes and businesses alike.

Powering your equipment with LPG is not just something you should choose for novelty's sake. It offers advantages over both electrical and gasoline-powered engines.

Electric machines have no emissions, but fall behind when it comes to power, and they can be impractical with bothersome cords or limited battery life. Gasoline offers power, but it is also painful for the environment and the maintenance costs stack up over time. LPG offers the best of both worlds with its high power and superior convenience — and it is great for the environment.

Noise reduction: LPG engines are quieter than their gasoline counterparts. Your family, neighbours and pets will thank you!

Reduced costs: Switching from petrol to LPG can save you 40% on fuel - or more.

Less downtime: LPG-powered engines are more reliable and break down less frequently.

High quality: Greengear is part of Cavagna Group and design and engineer all products in-house, in Italy, to live up to their high standards of quality.  

Versatile and convenient

You can use the same gas cylinder as you use for your barbecue. Connecting and disconnecting the cylinder is a breeze, and you avoid having to deal with the often messy spills that can happen when refilling gasoline engines.

Powerful and long-lasting

The high calorific value of LPG allows the engine to match the output of gasoline and diesel engines. Because LPG burns so cleanly, it is much better for the engine, resulting in fewer repairs and a longer engine life. With the Italian designed Enerkit carburettor, specifically designed for LPG, this means that power is not compromised like a traditional retrofit conversion.

The eco-friendly choice

And finally, LPG is an environmentally conscious choice for the health of our planet. It has far lower emissions of CO2 and HC-NOx, and it does not pollute in case of a spill. You can say goodbye to the smell and unhealthy vapours of gasoline engines, since LPG burns without smell and with no harmful particulate emissions.

Discover the full product range

Download the Greengear catalogue to see all the ways you can switch to LPG.

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