Cryostar and MAKEEN Cryo awarded contract for building LNG facility in port of Antwerp

Cryostar and MAKEEN Cryo have been awarded the contract for building an LNG ship bunkering and truck fuelling facility in Europe’s no. 1 breakbulk port of Antwerp. The project promotors of the facility are Fluxys, G&V, Titan LNG and Rolande, some of the strongest names in the European LNG industry.

LNG fuelling options in the port of Antwerp to widen substantially

Cryostar and MAKEEN Cryo are set to commission the LNG facility in the first quarter of 2020. The facility will allow Fluxys, G&V, Titan LNG and Rolande to substantially widen the LNG fuelling options at quay 526/528 in the port of Antwerp, where currently truck-to-ship bunkering is offered. LNG-powered inland waterway ships will be able to dock at quay 526/528 for bunkering from a fixed storage unit while LNG powered trucks will be able to refuel at the facility as well.

"We are proud to be part of delivering this solution with some of the leading LNG players in Europe. We think that this project is yet another testament to the rapid development of the LNG market. Easily accessible and affordable LNG is in high demand, and we want to be at the forefront with more solutions that accommodate this demand." 
Frej Olsen, Head of Group, LNG MAKEEN Energy

Furthermore, mid-2020 the FlexFueler002 LNG bunkering barge will become operational in the greater Antwerp port area enabling safe and efficient Ship-to-Ship LNG bunkering on a larger scale.

A new step towards sustainable shipping

As it is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available, LNG plays a leading role when it comes to reducing emissions and climate impact from the transport industry. With the increasing focus on sustainability and green solutions, the reduction of harmful emissions offered by LNG is an attractive feature for more and more companies.  MAKEEN Cryo believes that this new project in Antwerp is only a sign of more things to come.

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