Navigating a pandemic responsibly

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has affected, and still is affecting, many businesses and industries worldwide. To avoid shutting down MAKEEN Energy during this pandemic every corner of our organisation has adjusted to meet the resultant COVID-19 challenges – this is how we did it.

Managing our customers’ success

When we sign a facility management contract, our customers entrust us with their LPG filling operation. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously. So we had to make sure that COVID-19 did not interfere with that commitment.

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Running Sri Lankan production lines

Handling the COVID-19 outbreak has been, and still is, a challenge for many businesses and industries worldwide. Our colleagues in Sri Lanka have tackled this situation in an admirable way and adjusted to the new normal conditions.

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No travel – no technicians?

Can you still install and service equipment when a pandemic is going on? When airports close and whole countries go on lockdown? It depends on many factors – such as patience, listening to the customer and being ready for change.

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Rapid adaptation at our offices

As a global energy company, closing down our offices was never an option during the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, we rapidly implemented initiatives worldwide to help our office colleagues stay productive and safe - at home or in the workplace.

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Let’s meet online at e-LPG Week

Meeting in person has never been this difficult. That’s why the World LPG Association has arranged an online LPG event, the e-LPG Week – and we’re looking very much forward to participating and shaking hands digitally.

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