Our Indian facility management crews win platinum AND gold

At Grow Care India's award ceremony for 2020, 2 awards for safety were won by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling plants owned by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Those plants have one thing in common: They are both being operated by MAKEEN Energy's crew under facility management contracts.

We pride ourselves in knowing exactly how to get the most out of an LPG plant. After all, we make the equipment, so we are more familiar with it than anyone else. That is also why more and more of our customers sign facility management contracts, where MAKEEN Energy's crew takes care of all the operation, safety, administration and maintenance of their LPG filling plant.

In India, we are now up to 11 facility management contracts. And to gauge our Indian team's success, you need only to look at the 2020 award ceremony held by Grow Care India (GCI), a non-profit organisation that promotes good practices within areas like health and safety, risk management, business ethics, etc.

GCI honoured us by giving 2 prestigious awards to LPG filling plants that are being operated by our team in India under facility management contracts. In the category for the petroleum storage and transportation sector, GCI awarded the Platinum and Gold safety awards to HPCL's plants in Yediyur and Bhatinda, respectively.

We are proud to have received these awards - keep up the good work, India!

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