A milestone in safety: 10,000 accident-free man-hours in Malaysia

Our team in Malaysia receives recognition of their excellence in safety and teamwork.

On 19 September 2019, a special event was held at PETRONAS' terminal in Melaka, Malaysia: a Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Day. The purpose of this HSE day was to celebrate that Kosan Crisplant's project to refurbish and upgrade the terminal had accomplished an outstanding feat: 10,000 man-hours without any lost time injury (LTI).

In other words, over 10,000 man hours of the project, not a single accident occurred that kept the employees away from work, caused disabilities or resulted in negative conditions for the workers. That kind of result only comes from careful attention and adherence to proper safety procedures - something we constantly strive for in every aspect of our business.

At the event, our workers received four awards based on their performance and contribution to the project:

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Compliance
  • Time Keeper (Punctuality)
  • Power of One (Leadership)
  • Lead Helping Hand (Teamwork)

PDB also decided to honour Kosan Crisplant's division in Malaysia, Crisplant (M) Sdn Bhd, with a "focused recognition" award in appreciation of excellent teamwork with the project team as well as the terminal team.

Group image of a working team with yellow t-shirts
  • Spotlight on pollution

    Another aspect of the HSE Day was to raise awareness of the dangers of haze among the workers. Workers were given a total of 150 N95 respirators, sponsored by MF Technik. Furthermore, the walls were decorated with posters on the effect of open burning, and brochures on haze were handed out.

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