CASE: SHV Gas, Brazil (2013)

High-speed filling and world-class service

Customer + The customer's challenge

Our solution

The outcome

Scope of supply

Supported by a service agreement

Automatic solutions are like computers; in time they tend to develop minor defects, which may cause them to slow down. In a filling plant this may mean that the capacity is reduced by 20-30% over time.

Already familiar with Kosan Crisplant's service concept from other plants, SHV chose to outsource the task of maintaining the new equipment to Kosan Crisplant in order to ensure that the new plant would continue to perform at its best. And since the service agreement took effect from the moment the plant was put into operation, the warranty on the plant was also prolonged.

Kosan Crisplant's service team ensured that everything worked well during the start-up phase, when the plant was put into operation, and made sure that the customer’s operators were trained in the operation of the plant. 

Guaranteed capacity

Maintenance requiring that the production is stopped, takes place at night or on Sundays, when the plant in general is at a standstill. Furthermore, once a year, a performance test is carried out, similar to the one performed when the plant is handed over to the customer.

In accordance with the service agreement, Kosan Crisplant performs an annual performance test, guaranteeing the same filling capacity as when the plant was handed over to SHV, i.e. 4000 cylinders per hour.

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