Case: FLNG Solutions Belgium N.V (Rolande LNG / Titan LNG) (2019)

LNG for land and sea in Europe’s largest breakbulk port


The customer's challenge

Our solution

The outcome

Together with some of the strongest names in the European LNG industry, MAKEEN Energy delivered a facility that supplies LNG to ships in the port of Antwerp – Europe’s no.1 breakbulk port.

Before this project, the only way for ships in Antwerp to receive LNG was via truck-to-ship bunkering. But the port wanted to expand its offerings with a permanent installation for several years and add an option for truck refuelling on top.

Therefore, in 2019, we entered into a partnership with some of the heavyweights in European LNG: Fluxys, Cryostar, G&V, Titan LNG and Rolande. And in the middle of 2020, the new facility was ready: a dual-function refuelling facility on the port’s quay no. 526/528 that can fill the tanks of both ships and trucks.

The marine solution

MAKEEN Energy’s scope in the project was to deliver the ship bunkering part of the facility. This installation includes a pump skid and bunker skid, as well as all the needed piping and electrical works. The fixed storage unit allows inland waterway ships to receive LNG at the dock. The truck refuelling solution was supplied by Cryostar (France).

Breaking barriers to LNG usage

The demand for LNG is increasing as more and more companies transition to greener sources of energy – but the infrastructure is still not there yet. With this new station, located in one of Europe’s most important freight junctions, we have taken another step towards making LNG an easily accessible and viable fuel. We are convinced that this project is only a sign of greater things to come.

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