Case: NIJMAN/ZEETANK, Nederlands (2019)

Y-piece: LNG bunkering in half the time


The customer's challenge

Our solution

The outcome

Improve speed and efficiency

Netherlands-based NIJMAN/ZEETANK International Logistic Group wanted a way to improve speed and efficiency when bunkering LNG-fuelled ships. We developed the Y-piece - a product with the potential to revolutionise LNG bunkering.

The Y-piece is an adapter that allows two tank trailers to be connected instead of one, doubling the capacity of the fuelling process. The design allows the owner to add a second Y-piece and bunker with up to four trailers at once, which puts the bunkering time at 25% of the original time.

MAKEEN Energy's Y-piece has been a game-changer for us. It has drastically increased the efficiency of our LNG bunkering process, and it was very easy to install and use. We have already performed several bunkering operations and are quickly accustomed to working easily and safely with the new equipment. The professional assistance from MAKEEN Energy has only made the experience better.

NIJMAN/ZEETANK, International Logistic Group

User-friendly and flexible

NIJMAN/ZEETANK wanted a system that was practical and not too labour intensive. As a result, the Y-piece is so lightweight that it can be hand-lifted by two crewmembers or transported on a standard trailer. No special equipment is needed. It easily fits any type of tank trailer and is a breeze to connect. The trailers can even be disconnected and changed during the bunkering operation while maintaining a constant flow.

Multiply your capacity to suit your need

By using the Y-piece to connect two tank trailers, you achieve double the bunkering capacity of normal truck-to-ship bunkering. This means that the operation can finish in half the usual time, sending the ship sailing much sooner than before - which results in higher profits for the ship-owner and an easier time for the harbour crew.

One of our 4 ground principles for LNG solutions is scalability - their solutions have to be able to scale with the customer's demand. The Y-piece delivers on this principle as well: by adding a second Y-piece, the potential amount of tank trailers increases to four, bringing the bunkering time down to a quarter of what it was before.

Practical and flexible

The Y-piece is designed with flexibility and convenience in mind, which is why it fits any type of tank trailer and is easy to connect and operate. Once the bunkering process has started, the Y-piece's shut-off valves and purging system allow for the exchange of tank trailers without interrupting the bunkering - so LNG will always be flowing until the ship's tank is full.

A tool for a better future

One of MAKEEN Energy's goals is to make LNG a more widely adapted fuel, as it offers significant advantages over other fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, or diesel, when it comes to limiting harmful emissions to the atmosphere. The Y-piece is, therefore, designed to make it easier for as many shipping, bunkering and transport companies as possible to embrace this future-oriented energy source.

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