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Stand 4 good

Our Portuguese office participates in the Stand4good project, fighting inequity in higher education, and promoting access to the labour market. Stand4good helps young people who, despite being in economic need, are ineligible for social grants and thereby held back from getting the education that they want.

Besides financial aid, Stand4Good provide the students with a mentor from one of the companies participating in the project. Our colleague, Mariana Nascimento, is one of the mentors:

“This year, I had the opportunity to mentor a final year psychology student, Mónica.”. Mariana has a degree in psychology, so it was a perfect match between mentor and mentee: “I learned that my mentee wanted to follow a complicated area, being psychological support to victims in unexpected situations, such as fires, floods, explosions, natural and human catastrophes, among others. I managed to promote a conversation with experienced psychologists who work in these areas. It was very productive for my mentee, and I also ended up learning things I didn't know”.

We believe that Stand4Good’s mission is important, so besides mentoring, we support the project financially with an annual grant.


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