Circularity for wind turbine blades

Tackling the blade challenge

Cracking the code with pyrolysis

At first attempt, we have succeeded in recovering and processing glass fibre that is suitable for inclusion in the raw material mix on a par with virgin material in the extremely sensitive glass fibre production process. We have achieved this important milestone not at a laboratory scale but at an industrial level. The process has real commercial prospects. It’s incredibly exciting to have reached this point.

Irene Bach Velling Villadsen Project Manager, MAKEEN Energy

Proving the concept

Old wind turbine blades

Blade shredding and transport



New and recycled wind turbine blades

Blade-to-blade : Glass fibre circularity

Blade Material Passport

Another great achievement of DecomBlades is the development of a "Blade Material Passport". This specification has been created for recycling partners, who handle the recycling of the wind turbine blades. The passport outlines the high-level composition of the wind turbine blades and provide information on materials' estimated location and quantities. The passport serves as a tool for the recycling industry handling the decommissioned blades. 

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