New training centre opened in India

High performance is the result of highly skilled people. At MAKEEN Energy, we create solutions for the energy industry, but our true goal is to raise the performance of both the solutions and their users. To make this happen, our Indian office has opened a Centre of Excellence where they can train staff and customers. And the first team from Oil India was soon to sign up and complete a 3-day course.

In late January 2020, our new Centre of Excellence was officially inaugurated when Erik Lorenzen, Business Development Director at MAKEEN Energy, cut the tape. The training centre is located at our Indian office in Hyderabad and includes everything you need to understand the world of LPG filling equipment.

Group of an Indian MAKEEN Energy team

Facilities to train everyone

The new Centre of Excellence offers a complete setup for training everyone – no matter their job function or knowledge. And the best part is that we can use the centre ourselves and share it with others.

Internally, we can train our staff in the new facilities so they can deliver the best service possible to our customers. And when we train the customers themselves, we can teach them how to optimise their LPG facilities. In other words, a hands-on example of our value share knowledge – make others good.

The training modules fit everyone in the industry – from the operator at the LPG filling facility to the manager who makes the strategic decisions. The training can include both theoretical discussions and practical assignments. And since all the sessions are tailor-made, the exact content is always adjusted to fit specific audience and needs.

Training the first team from Oil India

Only a few weeks after the inauguration, the first training sessions took place. A team from Oil India had seized the chance to expand their knowledge of LPG filling equipment and signed up for a 3-day course.

During the training sessions, the 5 visitors from Oil India were eager to learn more about the possibilities with LPG solutions and how to make the most of them. Among other things, the course focused on the LPG filling carrousel and the equipment and setup around it – just as the customer was looking for.

Image of people sitting on chairs while a man speaks to them standing infront of a whiteboard

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