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  • 7 tips for problem-free project management

    What makes a project run as smoothly as possible? Here, you will find 7 tips from our experienced project managers.

    Get the 7 project tips

  • 7 profit-eating flaws in your filling system

    You may never see them, but hidden imperfections can greatly harm your output and bottom line. We have gathered some of the most common things to look out for.

    See the flaws that limit your profit

  • What is LPG?

    LPG is short for liquefied petroleum gas. It is used in more than 1,000 different applications, easy to transport and a friend of the environment.

    More LPG facts

  • The Crucial Role of Original Spare Parts in LPG

    In the LPG industry, choosing the right components extends beyond technical considerations; it's about ensuring safety, longevity, and making cost-effective choices. These elements influence not only operational efficiency but also the well-being of our workforce and the environment.

    Read more About The Crucial Role of Original Spare Parts in LPG

  • The CIR-II leak detector head on a green background

    Always innovating safety

    Over the years, we have introduced several innovations to heighten the safety of the employees working with our equipment, the places in which they operate, and the consumers using the end product.

    Read more About Always innovating safety

  • Plant Manager Md. Akram

    The plant manager's safety routine

    In an LPG filling plant, the Plant Manager ensures that production is high and targets are met. They have to do this while upholding the highest possible safety standards. We asked Md. Akram, who manages a customer plant in Gwalior, India, about his approach to ensuring safety.

    Read more About The plant manager's safety routine

  • illustration of molecule methan being cooled down to liquefied natural gas

    What is LNG?

    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is greener than any other conventional fuel, highly cost-efficient and cool in the most literal sense of the word.

    Learn more about LNG

  • illustration of manure and a biogas plant

    What is LBG?

    Liquefied biogas (LBG) is a highly compact and effective energy source that is already a part of the carbon circulation. It burns cleanly and helps protect our climate – simply a responsible fuel.

    Learn more about LBG

  • illustration of a green planet earth

    Why choose LNG/LBG?

    LNG and LBG are both cleaner and more cost-efficient than oil-based fuels. They are better for the people, planet and profit and therefore sustainable energy choices in every way.

    Make the choice

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