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What is LBG?

If organic matter breaks down in an oxygen-free environment, we get biogas. It is virtually identical to natural gas, but more sustainable since we do not need to extract fossil resources to create it. Even better, if we turn this biogas into a liquid, it becomes LBG, or liquefied biogas – a highly compact, highly effective energy source.

image of cows on grass in front of 3 LBG tanks

For the transport sector, LBG has the potential to greatly reduce harmful emissions from trucks and ships. Biogas comes from resources that are already part of the carbon circulation – such as manure. 

Below is an example of what an LBG supply chain can look like:

Example of an LBG supply chain

illustration of a cow and a cow dung

1. Plants absorb CO2 and get eaten by livestock

illustration of a red tractor and a manure pile

2. Manure from animal agriculture is collected

illustration of a Biogas tank, a liquefaction plant and a LNG/LBH tank

3. Degassing separates the methane

illustration of a liquefaction plant and a LNG/LBG tank bunkering a container ship and refuelling a truck

4. LBG can be used for refuelling and bunkering

illustration of a container ship and a truck

5. Utilising methane

illustration of a container ship and a truck

6. Running the world on LBG

illustration of a cow, green field with flowers, green clover and cow dung

7. Plants benefit from degassed manure

With our global reach, we strive to become pioneers within small-scale liquefied green gas solutions and to help the world towards a wider use of alternative fuels. Our 4 core principles form the basis for our customers’ success by ensuring them a tailored, simple and smooth transition to responsible energy sources.

Frej Olsen Head of MAKEEN Cryo, MAKEEN Energy

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