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The crucial role of original spare parts

In the landscape of LPG, choosing the right components isn't just a technical decision; it's about prioritising safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness. These elements shape not only operational efficiency but also the well-being of the workforce and the environment.

Safety should always be no. 1.

When considering safety, several critical aspects come into play. Firstly, the distinction between mass-produced and specially designed products should be addressed. While mass production might seem like a cost-effective solution at first glance, it may not always align with the specific safety requirements of your application. Specialised designs are often necessary to guarantee optimal safety in potentially hazardous environments, as they have been manufactured in terms with safety regulations.

A significant concern in the realm of safety is the usage of unoriginal spare parts, which can easily be acquired using online channels. Items like rubber gaskets may appear identical to genuine components, but their authenticity and quality remain uncertain. Relying on such parts can jeopardise the safety of your workforce and the integrity of your operations.

Furthermore, compromising on product quality can lead to premature wear and tear of vital components. For instance, components like central columns or filling heads may deteriorate faster when using unoriginal spare parts, as they can cause excessive wear and tear. This not only affects the safety of your processes but can also significantly reduce the product's expected lifespan, diminishing its value over time.

Another safety risk is the potential for leaks, which can result from using substandard materials or components. Such leaks can increase the concentration of gas in the surrounding atmosphere, posing serious safety hazards for your employees – and safety should never be compromised.

We always try to give our customers the best possible deal, so when a deal appears too good to be true, alarm bells should ring.

Michael Bech Jensen Service Manager, Northern & Eastern Europe, MAKEEN Gas Solutions

An expensive quick fix

In addition to safety, cost considerations play a crucial role in decision-making. Opting for a "here-and-now" solution might seem financially appealing initially, but it's essential to look at the bigger picture. Products crafted with original, high-quality components typically have a longer lifespan. In contrast, products relying on cheaper, lower-quality alternatives may end up costing more in the long run due to frequent replacements and maintenance.

We always try to give our customers the best possible deal, so when a deal appears too good to be true, alarm bells should ring. Genuine products come with a price, but they also come with a track record of reliability and longevity.

Moreover, investing in authentic products ensures access to upgrades and advancements. With genuine products, you can adapt to the changing needs of your operations, staying ahead of the curve. Non-authentic dealers seldom offer such opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Cost-efficiency is not solely about the initial purchase price. It also concerns the accuracy of product performance. Using non-original components can compromise the precision of your equipment, potentially leading to overfilling and financial losses.

Lack of service and guidance

Lastly, the aspect of a service contract cannot be overlooked. Optimal servicing becomes a challenge when unoriginal parts are used, as it becomes difficult to pinpoint which component might be causing issues. This lack of clarity can hinder the maintenance and repair processes, ultimately affecting the reliability and safety of your equipment.

Additionally, the warranty period can be jeopardised when non-original components are utilised. Typically, warranties extend for one to two years, during which we stand behind the quality and service of our products. We strongly recommend scheduling service visits within the warranty period to ensure that your equipment remains up-to-date and operates at peak efficiency.

In conclusion, safety, cost, and service are interwoven factors that must be carefully considered when selecting products and components for your operations. Prioritising safety ensures the well-being of your employees and the integrity of your processes. While cost may be a deciding factor, it's essential to look beyond the immediate expense and consider the long-term value of genuine products. Lastly, reliable service can only be achieved when using authentic components, ensuring that your equipment operates at its best throughout its lifespan.

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