Facility Service & Facility Management

FS and FM – what is the difference?

Flexible service packages are a core part of our Customer Support codex, allowing our customers to receive the level of support that complements their specific business and growth plans. An increasing number of our customers choose to sign service contracts with us, and among the biggest growers are our two most extensive solutions: Facility Service (FS) and Facility Management (FM). But what is actually included in each of them? Let’s take a look at what sets the two apart.

To us, customer support is about being able to offer services that fit the customer’s reality – not to put them into a box or shoehorn them into a solution that doesn’t fit what they need. Even though we put labels on our different service packages, such as FS and FM, we make great efforts to customise the contents of each agreement for each customer’s facility. The following are guidelines to what we offer in our FS and FM solutions, but since no two facilities are identical, the exact scope is something that we agree on in close cooperation with the customer.

Facility Service: Put maintenance in our hands

With an FS agreement, the customer hands over the technical maintenance of their entire facility’s equipment – or just parts of it – to MAKEEN Energy. That includes all the machines inside the plant, as well as storage areas, compressors, pumps, etc. Our people take care of and manage the customer’s assets in the plant.

An FS contract allows the customer to rest easy with the knowledge that their equipment is being properly looked after, with a minimum of stoppages and high availability of assets. MAKEEN Energy personnel design plans for condition-based maintenance, ensuring that potential issues are addressed before they become critical. Our people can manage the stock of spare parts and communicate with their colleagues in our global Customer Support network to ensure that spare parts are secured in a timely manner. In fact, we are confident enough to put up a guarantee for the availability and accuracy of the equipment. In addition, we provide complete reports of all our activities, and we can provide technical recommendations to help optimise the customer’s productivity.

Facility Management: Leave it all to us

Going beyond a mere service agreement, an FM solution takes all operation of a facility out of the customer’s hands – in addition to the maintenance and spare parts management included in FS package. That means that everything from operating and maintaining machines to planning production schedules, plant administration, quality control, and staff training is taken care of by MAKEEN Energy personnel. We will even mow the lawn and prune the flowers.

We deliver an agreed-upon steady output of filled cylinders, thereby converting the customer’s variable costs into fixed costs and reducing the cost per filled unit. The customer gets complete freedom to focus on marketing and sales and has an easier time making budgets and investment plans, since their facility’s costs and output are now more predictable.

Did you know?

Most of our FS contracts are for LPG filling plants, but not all.

In fact, we manage global main­tenance activities for GALP’s liquid bulk terminal in Sines, and GALP’s logistics terminal in Matosinhos (ex­-refinery), both in Portugal. Those contracts mean that we now have over 150 colleagues in Portugal alone working in FS contracts at customer plants.

We operate numerous customer plants under FM contracts worldwide.

The country where we operate the most is India, and several of these facilities are recurring award-winners within health and safety. On 1 October 2023, we commenced operations on another customer plant in Chennai (India) which will be our second-largest Facility Management contract in terms of output volume.