The Plastcon system

We're creating a plastic waste revolution by turning untreated plastic waste into a valuable resource. Read about our technology and its potential.

Converting plastic waste into a resource

With our Plastcon plant, it is possible to convert untreated and unsorted plastic waste into pyrolysis oil and other resources that can be used for the production of new plastic materials. In other words, Plastcon enables a circular economy by turning a global problem into a value-creating solution.

Solving one of our greatest problems with a responsible solution

One of the greatest challenges in the battle against plastic waste is the size of the problem. Today, the world population produces more than 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year – and 80% of it ends up in either incineration plants, landfills or simply directly nature. If things do not change, we will all keep producing more and more plastic waste and continue to burn or deposit the majority of it. Simply put, plastic will seep into every corner of our planet and add excessive amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere.

However, local and national governments, business owners and plastic waste handlers now all have another option. Plastic waste was made from oil, and if it is treated with our innovative Plastcon system and the essential pyrolysis process, it can be converted into pyrolysis oil, gas and carbon black - all of a supreme quality, high enough to be used directly in the production of new plastic.

Without a doubt, Plastcon is part of the solution. It tackles the growing global amounts of plastic waste. It generates useful resources. And it brings down CO2 emissions by preventing the extraction of virgin fossil fuels to create new plastic.

All types of plastic

When it comes to plastic materials, Plastcon has one unique and useful feature: The system accepts all types of plastic waste – without exceptions.

With Plastcon, it is possible to chemically recycle all types of plastic waste. Even PVC and PET materials, which are commonly regarded as difficult to recycle, can easily be part of the feedstock for Plastcon.

As an additional bonus, the system does not require the plastic to be cleaned or washed before it enters. Oftentimes, plastic waste comes with contaminants, like glass, sand, stone, metal and organic materials, that complicate the recycling process and wear out the equipment. This is for example the case if plastic waste is retrieved from a landfill. But our Plastcon plants easily solve any problems by sorting out this kind of pollution during the pre-treatment process.

image of olie from plastcon
  • Plastcon turns plastic waste into pyrolysis oil, gas and carbon black

    The Plastcon system converts harmful plastic waste into useful resources. Depending on the specific setup and context, Plastcon is able to produce about:

  • 75% pyrolysis oil

    ... which can be used in the production of new plastic materials, enabling a circular economy in the polymer production industry.

  • 15% gas

    ... which can be used to produce power or heat. The gas production consists of a mix of methane, ethane and propane.

  • 10% carbon black

    ... which can be used to colour new plastic materials.

Our expertise

Aside from the technological solution in Plastcon, we offer an array of competencies to make sure that your plant is both efficiently delivered, operated and maintained. With MAKEEN Energy's decades of experience in project management, facility management and service, you avoid the headaches of having to worry about hiring staff, doing repairs, sourcing materials and everything else associated with running a plastic waste conversion plant. And with our unparalleled expertise in handling hazardous gases, you never need to worry about safety. What's left for you to do is to focus on your core business.

Our expertise

Project Management

Our organisation is project-oriented all the way into the heart, and we take pride in supporting our customers all the way - through every project.

Flexibility from the start

The Plastcon facility is built on a module setup. This makes it possible to match the size and capacity of a facility to the needs and amounts of plastic waste at a specific location. And if things change, it is easy to expand.

Various plastic items washed up on a beach

25 tonnes plastic waste a day

The capacity of a Plastcon module is 25 tonnes/day – meaning that one module handles 25 tonnes of harmful plastic every production day, turning it into pyrolysis oil, gas and carbon black. A standard facility consists of 2 modules and, consequently, has a daily capacity of 50 tonnes/day.

Once a Plastcon facility is up and running, it continues steadily with ongoing maintenance and a 90% production uptime. In other words, it runs 90% of the time, day and night, every day, and in a calendar year this mounts up to 328 full production days. Taking this into account, a medium-sized Plastcon facility is able to handle 16,750 tonnes of plastic waste every year. To put it into perspective, this is what 440,789 EU citizens produce – more than the all the people in, for example, Florence, Nice or Palma de Mallorca.

5 benefits of Plastcon

Solving part of the plastic waste problem

Plastcon can help turn the tide on the global and growing issue with plastic waste pollution by converting problematic plastic materials into useful resources.

Producing efficiently in small scale

The Plastcon system is designed in modules of 25 tonnes/day and is energy positive in operation since it frees 18 times more energy than it uses.

Promoting reuse and resource conservation

Plastcon handles all types of plastic – and can, consequently, play an important part in extending our perception of the possibilities with plastic waste.

Turning trash into cash

With the Plastcon solution, it is possible to combine environmental and business interests – simply, converting harmful plastic waste into useful resources is good for both planet and profits.

Enabling a truly circular economy

Plastcon is the missing link in a future circular economy in the polymer production industry. By enabling production of new plastic materials with resources derived from plastic waste, Plastcon achieves circularity.

Plastic waste – a global problem

Plastic makes modern life convenient, but it also clogs up the oceans, pollutes the land and destroys our nature. Plastic waste is a global and growing problem.