The Plastcon system - reducing waste through plastic pyrolysis

A plastic waste revolution

Every year, the world population produces around 300 million tonnes of plastic waste. Only around 20% is recycled – leaving the majority to incineration plants, landfills or nature. This needs to stop. Now.

We're turning plastic waste into profitable business

Our first full-scale Plastcon plant is currently under construction and will commence operation in 2023. Our technology is based on several years of extensive testing on a smaller scale test plant, which has been designed and build by our in-house team of engineers.

Plastic waste – a global problem

Plastic makes modern life convenient, but it also clogs up the oceans, pollutes the land and destroys our nature. Plastic waste is a global and growing problem.

Great potential with a low risk

Plastcon is a complete plastic pyrolysis facility that handles the entire process of turning plastic waste into pyrolysis oil. The purpose of the facility is fivefold. Firstly, it makes the best use of harmful plastic waste from any local area. Secondly, it produces high-quality pyrolysis oil that can be used for the production of new plastic products. Thirdly, it extends the perception of plastic recycling and establishes the missing link in a circular economy in the polymer production industry. Fourthly, it also produces high-quality carbon black that can colour new plastic materials. And lastly, it saves our planet for many thousands of tonnes of harmful CO2-emissions, even enabling it to be part of carbon credit programmes.

Investments in sustainable solutions are gaining ground as never before. In the case of a Plastcon plant, it is easy to assess the return on the investment, and the business model is both simple, clear and transparent. Once a Plastcon facility is ready for production, it will run steadily with continuous maintenance and 328 planned production days/year. This setup will also be reflected in sales, performance, and financing as these are primarily based on long and fixed agreements. 

Transparent and innovative investment

Transparency is a prerequisite for a well-informed decision. This is particularly important in this case, as the industry is not fully established yet and therefore subjected to control beyond what you as an investor organise. As a result, our investors have access to the underlying data and can use this to make sure that the investment rests on a solid and thoroughly tested foundation and that the calculations are made on a substantial basis and do not just reflect speculative estimates.

All about Plastcon
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We have now arrived at the stage where we’re ready to rapidly scale up and offer our solution to new customers. As system suppliers, MAKEEN Energy will manage all parts of a Plastcon project.

This means that as an investor, you only need to contribute with your support and resources to help turn the plastic waste problem into profitable business.

About Plastcon

About Plastcon

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About the Plastcon technology

A global problem

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