Plastcon – Plastic waste conversion

From waste to resource

Through our patented technology, Plastcon is able to recycle plastic waste over and over again. We break down plastics to their molecular level, unlocking valuable resources for new products.

Technology at our core

5 benefits of Plastcon

Solving part of the plastic waste problem

Plastcon can help turn the tide on the global and growing issue with plastic waste pollution by converting plastic waste into useful resources.

Never without safety

At MAKEEN Energy, safety is number one priority. This is also the case for Plastcon. We have developed extensive safety procedures and protocols, ensuring operations run smoothly. The plant is highly automatised, reducing the risk of errors or accidents.   

High quality oil for high quality products

Plastcon chemically recycles plastic waste, which ensure a very high quality of pyrolysis oil. As a result, the oil can be used for new plastic products, where the quality cannot be compromised, such as food packaging and medical equipment. 

Teaming up with mechanical recycling

While Plastcon can handle a large variety of plastic types, not all plastic waste makes oil with the desired quality. As the world is currently overflowing with plastic waste, chemical recycling cannot stand alone. The problematic plastic waste that cannot be used for high quality oil, can be mechanically recycled for other purposes. In short, the two recycling methods complement each other towards a mutual goal. 

Modularise to your desire

The Plastcon system is entirely modular. This means that the system is built in separate sections, making it possible to customise a solution and scale to purpose. 

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  • Why Plastcon?

    Today, the world is drowning in plastic waste. Through chemical recycling, using pyrolysis technology, Plastcon converts plastic waste into a valuable resource.

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  • Chemical recycling through pyrolysis

    Plastcon's technology is based on pyrolysis – exposing plastic waste to high temperatures in an oxygen-free environment, chemically recycling the waste.

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  • FAQ - What is Plastcon?

    We're experiencing a huge interest in Plastcon, our plastic waste conversion facility. Here, we have compiled some of the most frequent questions.

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