One Global Team - Strategy 2021-24

Growth, digitalisation and a commitment to a sustainable future 

We now introduce our medium-term 2024 strategy dubbed One Global Team. The strategy is intent on consolidating our dominant global market position in cylinder filling solutions while investing generously in digitalisation and in new, responsible energy solutions.

Grow our skills globally

With a profitable and market-leading global position in cylinder filling solutions, we’re well-positioned to embark on an ambitious growth agenda in existing and new areas of business.

MAKEEN Energy is still a relatively new name in the industry of solutions for the energy sector, but the stakeholders and divisions that have merged and together form our global company have decades of experience of holding market leading positions – 85 years to be exact.

With so much experience, and a global network of employees and customers, we’re well-positioned to accelerate our growth. In our 2024 strategy – One Global Team – we will further drive synergies in our cylinder filling solutions business, and leveraging our global presence, our gas equipment division will grow as well. Our strategy creates many new positions in our global company - so keep an eye on our job openings page.

Digitalise and grow our customer support

We see digitalisation and IoT (Internet of Things) as indispensable parts of great customer support. We’re already well on our way to digitalise our products and services, which upon completion will enable all our customers and employees to keep track of equipment and – most importantly – enhance performance.

One of our main goals of digitalising is to ensure a high connectivity. By using the same global ERP system we will create one global team with a high level of proces integration, and where it adds value, we will introduce process standardisation on a global scale. 

We already boast world-leading performance in the cylinder filling business, and our digitalisation is aimed at securing and futureproofing our position across our portfolio of products and solutions for the energy industry while contributing to our growth.

Expand into new and sustainable energy markets

While growing our traditional areas of business, we fully acknowledge the urgent need to steer the energy industry onto a more responsible path to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the goals of the Paris-agreement.

All cylinder filling facilities that we supply today are completely compatible with green gas (e.g. bio-LPG/biogas), should our customers wish to make the transition.

However, fully acknowledging the impact that burning fossil fuels has on climate change, we have decided to invest heavily in new technologies as well, including our in-house invention for converting plastic waste. Our technology is a ground-breaking way to recycle all types of plastic waste without significant sorting or cleaning - and it has the potential to enable a circular economy in the plastics industry, as the end-products are of a high enough quality to be used in the production of new plastic materials.

Our invention has just passed the most important milestone yet, as we've started construction of the first full-scale facility in Denmark. We’re already experiencing a surge in interest in our invention, and towards 2024 we’re preparing to take in orders from around the globe. 

We’re also investing in our solar powered street lighting solution, which we will likewise scale towards 2024. And lastly, it deserves to be mentioned that we’re very proud to have recently joined one of the frontrunning CO2 capture and storage projects in Europe.

Continue bridging gaps in the global energy supply

During the last couple of years, we have committed ourselves to play an active role in the sustainable transformation of the energy industry. Our solutions have a huge potential for bridging gaps between highly polluting fossil fuels and a sustainable future.

The backbone of our 2024 strategy are our employees and our customers – all the people that make up MAKEEN Energy. Together, as One Global Team, we’re looking forward to drive synergies between our business areas, to digitalise further and to grow in an even more responsible direction.

We’re ready for change.

Our 2024 strategy:

  • Drive synergies in our cylinder filling solutions

  • Grow our gas equipment division

  • Digitalise to futureproof our performance

  • Invest in and expand our sustainable solutions

  • Overall growth of the company - we're in rapid development