UN Global Compact

In January 2018, we made a proper and profound promise to ourselves and our surroundings when we committed to supporting the UN Global Compact. This United Nations initiative focuses on strengthening sustainable efforts among organisations – in a way that both includes and goes beyond environmental matters. Today, the project counts more than 14,000 participants around the planet, and with its scope and reach it is regarded as the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative.

To enhance sustainability, the UN Global Compact mobilises businesses and organisations across the world to work for positive change within 4 topics: human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. More specifically, it outlines 10 principles for corporate sustainability that aim at building and upholding a culture of integrity and responsibility for the good of our planet and its people.

As one of the steps on our sustainability journey, MAKEEN Energy signed the UN Global Compact in 2018. And since then, we have been taking an active part in turning the initiative's ideas, visions and goals into reality for our us and all the people we meet on our way.

Working with sustainability globally

As our organisation is spread across continents, the same goes for our areas of contact and our initiatives. And we know that it takes a dedicated effort to spread actions we take and involve people in all wings of our house.

By supporting the UN Global Compact, we have a good tool that on the one hand ensures to keep sustainability on our minds and on the other hand helps identify areas where we can do better. In a big house of energy like ours, there are still many opportunities to improve or change – so our sustainability journey has just begun.

To learn more about the global initiative, visit the UN Global Compact website.

UN Global Compact

Responsible energy solutions on a sustainability journey 

As a participant in the UN Global Compact, we are committed to follow the initiative's principles – within human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption – as a part of our sustainability journey. This is our annual status report from March 2021.