MAKEEN Energy's thermosealing machines are designed for safe and efficient shrinking of thermoplast caps or sleeves around LPG cylinder valves.

  • Sealed valves are protected and safe valves
  • Logo can be printed on the seal
  • Sealed valves are a guarantee for correct cylinder net weight
  • Cylinders with sealed valves are filled by authorised fillers




More LPG products and solutions

  • Thermosealing machines

    When a sleeve or cap has been applied on an LPG cylinder valve, our thermosealing equipment ensures that it forms a tight seal for maximum protection and safety.

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  • Washing systems

    Clean cylinders last longer and are more attractive to the end-user. Our washing systems are the most efficient in the market and ensure optimal cleaning.

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  • image of an LPG cylinder evacuation system

    Evacuation systems

    If an LPG cylinder is overfilled, leaky or in need of repair, our evacuation systems make it easy and safe to empty them of gas - with minimal handling.

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