MAKEEN Energy’s fire and gas alarm systems are simple and efficient modular systems that provide maximum safety and meet any requirement for gas and fire detection.

  • Remote control panel
  • Audio and/or visual alarm
  • Visual alarm overview on control panel
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Detectors designed for harsh industrial environments




More LPG products and solutions

  • FLEXSPEED – High filling capacity

    With patented handling and processing techniques, the FLEXSPEED system reaches filling capacities of more than 4,000 LPG cylinders per hour on one carousel system.

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  • Image of Roller conveyor system

    Roller conveyor system

    All roller conveyor systems are designed according to customer specifications (e.g. plant layout, cylinder types, etc.) for safe and efficient transport of LPG cylinders.

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  • Marking of LPG cylinders

    Whether it is safety instruction, logos, tare marking or other practical and promotion features, our equipment for marking of LPG cylinders covers all needs and helps boost your company's brand.

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