The electronically controlled universal filling machine UFM is an independent unit designed for filling LPG into cylinders safely. This UFM is semi-automatic and primarily equipped with one semi-automatic filling head and a fully automatic valve opener/closer for screw valves.

The UFM can fill LPG cylinders with a very high flow rate and accuracy. However, external factors such as LPG pump pressure and the actual cylinder valve type usually influence the filling rate. Also, special software-assisted filling ensures that the net LPG content of the cylinders is reached very accurately.

3D illustration of UFM universal filling machine with semi-automatic filling head and automatic valve opener/closer for screw valves

The unit is compatible with MAKEEN Energy's Industry 4.0 Digital Solution, which enables data capturing of the process for remote supervision, performance optimisation, and predictive/preventive maintenance alerts through e.g. a MAKEEN Energy cloud solution (optional).


Safety and profts

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