Body Leak Detector

Leak-testing LPG cylinders the smart way

During the years, we've spent countless of hours innovating our solutions that enable maximum safety. And we continue to do so. Our newest innovation, the Body Leak Detector, is soon ready to be introduced to the market.

We continue to innovate our LPG solutions

Over the years, the technology for leak testing LPG cylinders has improved significantly. One of the first electronic leak detectors was introduced to the market back in 1988. Since then, the research and development that MAKEEN Energy has been most occupied with throughout the years has mainly been aimed at optimising leak detection of the area around the cylinder valve and the valve itself. But some of our trusted customers might remember the water “bath”, where we’ve enabled manual testing of the whole cylinder as well. This was a time-consuming and costly way of testing for body leaks by immersion into water, with an additional risk of human error.

As a logical next step, MAKEEN Energy has recently focused on optimising leak testing of the whole cylinder body – and we’re very happy to be able to introduce our new Body Leak Detector to the market. Our innovative product can detect leaks on the whole cylinder body using IR technology. It is high-capacity and electronic, it highly improves customer safety, and it has been developed in cooperation with major LPG cylinder distributors. Our Body Leak Detector utilises a closed-loop position for 360 degrees detecting, building on our ground-breaking FLEXSPEED technology, and it tests all filled cylinders in the same condition as the end-user, which further increases the safety for the end user.

It detects leaks higher than 0,5g/hour and it has the capacity of 1800 cylinders/hour – the test result is 100% repeatable and reliable thanks to intrinsically safe infrared detection technology. Furthermore, the Body Leak Detector is part of MAKEEN Energy’s Industry 4.0 Solutions, which means that there’s access to real-time data from all connected filling facilities.

Award- winning

At the Global Technology Conference at LPG Week 2021 in Dubai, MAKEEN Energy was awarded the Category Winner-prize in the “Safety” category for our invention of the Body Leak Detector.

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One of the key things making our experience and service unparalleled is our extensive focus on health and safety. Throughout our 75+ years of company history, our accident track record is minimal. Part of what we do to ensure no accidents on all LPG/LNG sites that we deliver is our extensive safety training. We offer courses in safety of LPG filling facilities for our employees and clients, as well as thorough brochures and learning material to continuously inform employees at risk of triggering accidents on how to avoid doing just that.

Our organisation also consults and involves employees, employee representatives, and our subcontractors in decision-making processes regarding health and safety. This ensures that we turn our efforts into operational action plans and implement them across the organisation and with our clients.

Did you know?

We have several free, detailed brochures on safety guidelines and actions. Get in touch with us if you're interested.

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