Engineering a better future

With our strong R&D departments, we continuously develop our products and challenge the sectors that we are in. On this page you'll find some of the projects and solutions that we are currently involved in that have the potential to become part of our core business.

Not afraid to reinvent the wheel

With decades of experience and a world-leading, profitable business, it would have been easy for MAKEEN Energy to lean back and harvest the fruits of all the hard work done by talented engineers in the past.

But that is not how our company operates. Firstly, we know that in order to have success, hard work is needed. Secondly, we know that nothing lasts forever - if we want to continue to be able to offer responsible solutions for people and planet in a fast-changing world, we need to continue to develop our areas of business, our competencies and our products. 

This is our logic of doing business. We are always trying to look for new ways to contribute to the world of responsible energy solutions by entering into new projects and business sectors where we can make a difference. And so far, we are riding on a wave of success. Our ability to deliver, our high professionalism and our truly global team of talented employees is what has ensured our success and will continue to do so. Below you'll find a selection of projects and products that we're currently involved in that we think might play central roles in our business in the future.

Does some of it sound interesting to you or your company? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions. Should you wish to contribute to our work more directly, then we are always looking for talented people to join our company.

Our current innovations

Liquefying biogas directly at plants

Some liquefied gas customers want to be absolutely sure that their product is made of 100% biogas. We are now looking into several potential projects that do just this, by enabling small-scale liquefaction directly at biogas plants. 

In-house innovation lead to our next big thing

If we'd had this segment on our website five years age, our Plastcon technology would surely have been featured. Back then, Mathias Ege Dahl Jensen was working alongside a few other dedicated colleagues on something that he or, quite frankly, we weren't even quite sure what would become. But what we knew was that we're experts in handling hazardous gases, that we have a strong desire to continuously innovate and that we were on to something - that we were cracking the code on pyrolysis, so to speak.

Now, five years on, Plastcon is our next big thing. With our first Plastcon plant expected to be operational in late 2022 and serious interest from investors, stakeholders and media from around the world, Plastcon is the perfect example of what's possible at MAKEEN Energy. The commitment to be able to offer responsible solutions for people and planet that runs all the way through our global organisation, backed by strong values and a dare-to-fail attitude, has created our next big thing. The only question for us now is: What comes next?

Read more about Plastcon here and find the values that guide us here.  

People and culture

Empowering our people to innovate

We dare to dream big - and in new directions. Our newest business area, Plastcon, is a great example of our strength. The EnviroTech department has transformed itself from initial research to full-scale project execution in just a few years. Read how our people and culture enables innovation.

Our past innovations

Throughout the years, we have always been at the forefront of technological development in our respective industries – helping to shape what has become the standard today. Here are some examples of times when we pushed the boundaries.


A new technology for high-capacity filling of LPG cylinders, FLEXSPEED revolutionised the market when we released it in 2008. Our fully automatic solution more than tripled the industry standard in terms of cylinders filled per hour.

Electronic LPG filling

In the 1990’s, we were the first to introduce electronic filling equipment for LPG cylinders – which was previously controlled mechanically and hydraulically. This technology set the foundation for what would eventually become the industry standard worldwide.

LPG cylinder body leak detector

Checking for leaks in the body of a gas cylinder is a crucial step in ensuring safety, but it is a process often done manually and with a great risk of human error. We changed this with our development of the cylinder body leak detector, which accurately and automatically detects any leakages.


Released in 2020, our Plastcon technology enables a circular production of plastic by chemically recycling problematic plastic waste into pyrolysis oil – which can be used to create new plastic without having to extract more fossil fuels from the ground.