Liquefaction systems

Producing LNG and LBG the smart way

Flexible small-scale liquefaction solutions can make liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) available to more consumers as an off-grid energy source and at the same time reduce the cost for both suppliers and consumers.

Local liquefaction reduces costs

A large portion of the cost of liquefied green gases like LNG and LBG goes towards transporting the gas from the place of production to the consumer. The gas is often sailed halfway across the globe to large terminals, from where it is distributed by truck or pipeline – also over large distances. Local production of LNG and LBG shortens the supply chain dramatically and makes it possible to lower the price.

Due to the immense size and corresponding cost of traditional liquefaction plants, terminals and vessels, LNG and LBG have yet to gain the widespread use they deserve based on their many qualities. Therefore, the primary challenge lies in establishing the local, small-scale infrastructure that can bring these gases closer to the consumers.

NORDLIQ: Denmark's first LNG/LBG liquefaction plant

MAKEEN Energy will produce Liquefied Biogas (LBG) on a new plant in Denmark

In collaboration with biogas supplier Nature Energy, MAKEEN Energy is proud to announce the signing of a contract to build and operate the first Danish biogas liquefaction plant in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

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Small-scale LNG and LBG liquefaction plants

We can shorten the LNG and LBG supply chain by developing flexible small-scale liquefaction solutions that require less space and are easier to finance. With their modular design, our solutions are scalable and therefore easy to adapt to growing future needs. Our liquefaction plants are designed and delivered as complete turnkey installations, installed and operational within 15 months.

Green gas from the grid to the consumer

Our small-scale liquefaction plants are designed to be connected to the existing natural gas grid or to a biogas plant. From the liquefaction plant, the LNG or LBG can be distributed locally at a low cost and allow businesses and communities that do not have access to the gas grid to use natural gas, all to the benefit of the environment.