MAKEEN Energy acquires part of Suncil®

MAKEEN Energy acquires part ofIn the wake of our production and distribution agreement, the collaboration is now expanding – adding yet another responsible energy solution to the MAKEEN Energy family. Suncil®

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that MAKEEN Energy recently has acquired a significant part of Suncil®. This acquisition expands our business areas and allows us to develop our palette of responsible energy solutions.

Suncil® is a Denmark-based cleantech company that creates 100% solar-powered energy solutions for street lighting and infrastructure. Based on a feeling of responsibility to deliver greener, safer and smarter energy solutions to secure a sustainable world, Suncil® has, since their journey began in 2007, been a company in rapid development.

Responsible energy synergies

Already from day one, MAKEEN Energy has seen a lot of potential in these environmentally friendly and sustainable solar-powered solutions. And now, combining Suncil®’s high expertise within these clean energy solutions with MAKEEN Energy’s global reach will not only open up new possibilities – it will also add extra volume for us both in creating responsible energy solutions for people and planet.

With our mutual purpose, we see a great match in Suncil®. This new expanded collaboration gives us a good basis for growth in new markets, and I’m convinced that joining forces will lead to new business opportunities for both parties in the future.

Bo Larsen, CCO, MAKEEN Energy

The collaboration is already well under way, and we look very much forward to seeing where it takes us.

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