Local knowledge teams up with global expertise

For the past two years, Festus S.A. has been supplying the Argentinian and Uruguayan markets with high-quality products for the gas industry. Now, Festus is ready to take their business to the next level by partnering up MAKEEN Gas Equipment.

MAKEEN Gas Epuitpment is now in Argentina

MAKEEN Gas Equipment, formerly known as KC ProSupply, is already known around the world for its one-stop-shop concept that combines the selling of gas equipment and components with expert knowledge and advice. MAKEEN Gas Equipment already has business in many countries all over the world, but until now they have not had a permanent office in South America. The new partnership with Festus will see KC ProSupply ramping up its focus on the South American market, and as a result, Festus has changed its brand name to MAKEEN Gas Equipment Festus Cono Sur.

"We had been looking at the possibility of expanding in South America for a while, so when Festus approached us with the idea of a partnership, we didn't have to think about it for very long," says Michael Ohm, Director of MAKEEN Gas Equipment. "We see a lot of positive perspectives for Argentina and Uruguay, and we want to offer a different kind of service to the businesses here."

A new kind of gas shop

MAKEEN Gas Equipment Festus Cono Sur aims to bring something unique to the market: a one-stop shop solution that provides technical expertise and advice along with its selection of high-quality products for LPG, cryogenic gases, ammonia, nitrogen, and other industrial gases. Being a part of MAKEEN Energy, a worldwide energy group with decades of expertise in LPG, LNG and power generation, MAKEEN Gas Equipment has access to specialists and technicians for every single issue imaginable. Now, they are looking forward to using all their accumulated knowledge to help their Argentinian and Uruguayan customers fulfill their potential.

"What sets MAKEEN Gas Equipment apart is that we don't just sell components. We can also evaluate our customer's work, perform small engineering work, and advise our customers with the deep technical knowledge that comes with our status as a global component and solution provider," says Bo Larsen, Commercial Director of MAKEEN Energy. "Our mission is to help our customers find the solution that is best suited to their business. We can remove pains and find gains."

The new entity's team of three employees has reason to be optimistic about the future. Festus has managed to become a successful supplier for YPF - an achievement that is not easy to accomplish. The company is now looking to expand its presence on the market and has already been well received by the Argentinian and Uruguayan customers. 

Deep roots in the industry

With over 30 years of experience with doing business in Argentina and Uruguay, Festus' CEO Ricardo D'Jaen has accumulated a wealth of connections and built strong relationships in the industry. His loyal customers will now be rewarded with the expertise and knowledge of a renowned, global organisation.

"Festus has done very well these past few years, and their local knowledge about the Argentinian and Uruguayan markets is invaluable in creating success in this part of the world," says Michael Ohm. "Ricardo and his team have shown the way - what we need to do now is optimize the setup so we can bring even more excellent service and products to our customers."

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