Switching to LNG/LBG

LNG and LBG are environmentally friendly alternatives for those without access to a natural gas grid who currently rely on other, perhaps oil-based, fuels.

Who can use LNG/LBG?

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) are the ideal energy choices for anyone who wishes to switch to a more responsible energy source, even without being close to a pipeline. Both LNG and LBG can be transported by sea, rail or highway to anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly alternative for companies and communities, who do not have access to a natural gas grid and currently rely on other, perhaps oil-based, fuels.

Why choose LNG/LBG?

Want to go carbon neutral?

If you have already made the responsible switch to LNG, but now want to become 100% CO2 neutral, there is no reason to hesitate. With the two gases being chemically similar, LNG and LBG are both equally compatible with our solutions. In other words, if you want to switch from LNG to LBG, you can use exactly the same solution. As highly responsible fuels, LNG and LBG are both important energy sources for the future.

Small-scale solutions

Traditionally, LNG has been big business in the most literal sense of the word with large LNG terminals dominating the picture. We aim to change that by developing both flexible small-scale LNG and LBG solutions that require less space and are easier to finance. With their modular design, our solutions are scalable and therefore easy to adapt to growing future needs.