5 benefits of Plastcon

The Plastcon system brings along a number of benefits for both people and planet – and it is even beneficial for profits too. Some of the main advantages are:

Solving part of the plastic waste problem

Plastcon can help turn the tide on the global and growing issue with plastic waste pollution by converting problematic plastic materials into useful resources.

Producing efficiently in small scale

The Plastcon system is designed in modules of 25 tonnes/day and is energy positive in operation since it frees 18 times more energy than it uses.

Promoting reuse and resource conservation

Plastcon’s thermal recycling handles all types of plastic and reduces CO2 emissions – and can, consequently, play an important part in extending our perception of the possibilities with plastic waste.

Producing marine gas oil matching 2020 emissions regulations

The pyrolysis oil produced in Plastcon is a more sustainable fuel alternative for, among others, the maritime sector as it emits 10 times less sulphur than conventional marine gas oil and matches the 2020 emissions regulations.

Turning trash into cash

With the Plastcon solution, it is possible to combine environmental and business interests – simply, converting harmful plastic waste into useful resources is good for both planet and profits.

Different kinds of oil made from our Plastcon system