Tree planting campaign in Sri Lanka

Plant a tree

In January 2018, our team in Sri Lanka introduced a brand new initiative: a tree planting campaign. Employees, and later also their families, started to plant trees in their own gardens and backyards for a clear but responsible reason. Simply, they wanted to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. And already during the first year, they exceed their own expectations big time!

When the first tree was planted by our Sri Lankan colleagues in the beginning of 2018, they hoped to reach 300 by the end of the year. However, they soon proved to outmatch their own expectations. In December, they could count no less than 783 newly-planted trees - more than double the number they set out to plant!

The many hundred trees include different species, and some of the most popular ones are coconut, rambutan and mango trees. Fruit trees or not, they all play a part in the campaign and help reducing our carbon footprint.

The tree planting campaign started as a local initiative at our hub in Sri Lanka, but since it is such a great idea, we want it to grow bigger. Over the next years, we are planning to extend the campaign so other MAKEEN Energy locations around the world participate too. And in Sri Lanka, they have only just started. By the end of 2018, they were already planning to do a replanting programme with participation from both the local community and government organisations in 2019.