Unlocking local potential through the magic of football

At MAKEEN Energy, we firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to improve themselves and their status in life, and we always strive to lend a hand to others who champion this belief in our local areas. That is why our team in Cameroon chose to sponsor and support the Njalla Quan Sports Academy (NQSA), located in the city of Limbe in south-western Cameroon.


Focusing on talent development and education, the NQSA gives underprivileged but gifted children the opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming the next star footballer of their country while simultaneously furthering their academic development.

Besides helping children and youths in the region break free from poverty, the academy plays an important role in the community, hosting health walks and various sports events.

In 2013, we sponsored the academy's Division One football team during the National Elite Championship. As the only representative of Limbe and the region in the country's top league, NQSA needed financing for travel, equipment and more - and our Cameroonian team was happy to help. In the end, their support enabled the NQSA to reach their goals for the season and retain their spot among the best squads in Cameroon.

We wish NQSA every bit of success in the future - Keep making others good!