Sylvie Lorimy

image of Sylvie Lorimy
There is always something new on the horizon

Position: Personal Assistant/Sales Assistant, MAKEEN Energy France
Employed since: 2013
Education: Language studies (German, English and Spanish)

Driven by the ambition of being an interpreter and connecting people across languages, Sylvie studied German, Spanish and English at universities in France, Germany and England. However, as it happens to many of us in our youth, she eventually discovered that she wanted to take a different path.

"When I came back to Paris after studying in England, I had given up on being an interpreter or translator, and I found a job at a publishing office. After some time, I moved to the head office of a major food company, where I soon became the assistant to the general management in Europe."

The path leads to Siraga

When her husband found a job in Chateauroux, France, in 1998, Sylvie moved with him. After some years, she found an opening in the nearby head office of Siraga, part of MAKEEN Energy.

"I entered Siraga in the beginning of 2013, when they had just signed with Al-Ayuni, so I came at a time when there were a lot of changes. I joined to assist the commercial department, answering tenders, getting administrative documentation and organising travels, which is still a big part of my job. We have a lot of people who travel everywhere, so there is a lot to do with booking flights, getting visas—it speaks to the international nature of our company."

Part of the MAKEEN transition

In the years since Sylvie joined, Siraga has undergone several restructurings and transformations, including joining up with its former competitor Kosan Crisplant and becoming a part of MAKEEN Energy. And Sylvie has played a significant role in keeping the organisation glued together in this process.

"I was happy that the management was confident in me and offered me to become the assistant to the manager, Joseph Brun, in 2016. This way I felt like a link between St Remy, Denmark and Buzançais."

The French Swiss army knife

To say that she has a diverse role would be an understatement. Aside from helping the management and arranging travels, Sylvie offers support to MAKEEN Energy's other French office in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, including the Executive Secretary, the Head of Sales and the Regional Director.

"Once upon a time in a meeting, I introduced myself as the fireman. People ask me for anything, and I have a wide range of tasks ranging from small, practical things to administration and difficult translations; I love that."

A love for the multicultural

Her love for variety and diversity is also a big part of what keeps her happy at MAKEEN Energy. Since she is now part of a global group, she gets to interact with people from many different countries and cultures who all contribute with their own ideas and opinions.

"I find that the best thing about MAKEEN Energy is to exchange ideas and experiences with my colleagues from all over the world. Especially when we have training or seminars, you get to meet people from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Brazil, for example. And sometimes we all go out for dinner or bowling in the evening. It's a real pleasure."

"I find it very motivating to see how we maintain a dynamic and developing organisation with all these different cultures and backgrounds. We never stand still—there is always something new on the horizon."

Even though she did not become an interpreter, Sylvie has still found a role where she connects people across borders, bringing us closer and strengthening the bond between MAKEEN Energy's offices.