Renato Neves

a picture of Renato Neves at a LPG filling plant
There's no place like home

Position: Project Manager, Kosan Crisplant Portugal - part of MAKEEN Energy
Education: Bachelor of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Employed since: 2010

The beginning

When I first applied for a job in Kosan Crisplant (part of MAKEEN Energy, ed.), I didn’t expect to get it because, as a person, I'm very laid-back and easy-going and I love to make jokes. I got the job, nevertheless - maybe my uncomplicated fashion was just what they were looking for. Quickly, I was out learning by doing, which is the only way to really learn, and soon I got the hang of it.

As a supervisor, I'm the face of the company towards the customer and I function as the middle man. I receive all the material from my colleagues in Denmark, check if something is missing and get the installing done while reporting back to the project manager. In smaller projects, I typically install the equipment myself - in the bigger ones, however, I delegate the tasks and manage the local installers on site. My job is quite diverse when I'm out in the field: I function as a salesman if I notice a customer need on site, I act as an advisor at meetings and I instruct people when installing the equipment.

I install equipment all over the world, and I learn a lot about people from traveling to foreign countries and visiting strange cultures. You really get under people's skin because you spend a fair amount of time together when working on a project for months at a time. I love this part of my job.

My current job

I've always loved a fast pace, traveling and varying assignments. But due to the fact that my son is approaching his teenage years, I want to spend more time at home with him. As a supervisor, I've spent about 10 months a year traveling and that’s becoming too much. I'm therefore working more and more as a project assistant and thus traveling less. I still enjoy being on the road visiting customers, but I also look forward to having more time with my son and seeing him grow up.
So now, my job has developed into the process of creating projects, speaking to the engineers, communicating with customers and offering them our services. As a project assistant, I'm involved from A-Z.

The best thing about working for MAKEEN Energy

The best thing about being part of MAKEEN Energy is the degree of freedom. I have the freedom to make my own decisions on behalf of the company, and my judgment is valued and trusted. Trust is something you earn - both within the company and with the customers. And since I'm dealing with the customer on a daily basis, I am trusted to know what is good for him and make the proper decisions.

There has been a natural development in my career due to my personal life, and in this company, you can progress in the direction you like, which is great. Finally, I'd like to emphasise how nice it is that people greet me and know who I am when I come into the headquarters in Denmark even though I'm located in Portugal. People genuinely care about each other and I feel that I'm a part of the global MAKEEN Energy family. 

image of Renato Neves as a child on a ship and as grown on a watercraft