Mohammed El-Gawish

image of Mohammed El-Gawish
Q&A: Meet an agent

Position: Managing Director, Mena Tradex, Egypt 
Agent for MAKEEN Energy since: 2010

How long have you been MAKEEN Energy's agent?

I've been an agent for MAKEEN Energy since 2010. Before that, since 1996, our family business, Mena Tradex, managed the agency for PAM France which is now part of the MAKEEN Energy corporation.

What is your educational background?

I have a Bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery, a diploma in HR as well as a diploma in financial management. So you can see, I have a quite diverse background and I've studied different topics, working in various fields before finding my niche.

How did you start working for MAKEEN Energy?

After having worked as a physician from 2002-2008, I swapped my medical career for a prospective career in our family business, Mena Tradex, early in 2008 while Mena Tradex was the agent of PAM France. Later in 2008, after the merger between Kosan Crisplant and PAM, we became the single exclusive agent for Kosan Crisplant in Egypt - and now, that's part of MAKEEN Energy.

Mena Tradex was founded by my father back in 1992, and when he passed in 2013, I took over the ownership of the business. I thrive in our family business as opposed to when I functioned as a physician. Now, I feel that I can influence and manage the company the way I want and find profitable. I didn’t have that feeling as a physician - I found it rather limiting in developing the field and my own skills as a professional.

How would you describe your work for MAKEEN Energy?

At Mena Tradex, we operate as an agent on behalf of MAKEEN Energy with everything that entails. But we have the authority to go beyond that - in the company's interest and to the benefit of the customer. This means that we can push boundaries and go the extra mile to secure orders, support customers, supply after-sales service as well as offer full support to MAKEEN Energy supervisors on their missions. We really offer Mena Tradex services wherever they are needed.

Is Egypt your only market?

Our main market is Egypt, but we go beyond our geographical borders as well in supporting MAKEEN Energy where there's no agent.

How is being an agent different from being an employee?

For us, the difference is limited to the definition as we consider ourselves as an integrated part of the corporation and network. We co-operate so closely with MAKEEN Energy on a day-to-day basis that we never feel the legal distance between our two companies.

You are MAKEEN Energy's network in the field. How would you describe your network? How do you nurture it?

Our network is very well-sustained and it's expanding slowly but surely. To nurture this network, first of allwe have to prove ourselves worthy of our position by respecting our word and living up to our reputation. We have to highlight the reason for our clients to confide in us rather than our competitors and this will automatically lead to the expansion and proliferation of our network over time. We see opportunities, we cease them, and we work proactively to always be one step ahead.

What is the best thing about working for MAKEEN Energy?

The best thing about working with MAKEEN Energy is the feeling of family and belonging. We all share a professional relationship that extends to include and involve part of our personal lives too. People care about each other. So when my dad passed for instance, while staying in France on business, the general manager of PAM stayed with me through it all and helped me with all the necessary arrangements. You don't see that kind of commitment a lot and it means a lot to me.