Mohamed Amjad Hassen

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Since I started working here, I have learned so many things about other cultures

Position: Assistant General Manager – Design & Technical Communication, MAKEEN Energy Sri Lanka

Education: BSc. In Mechanical Engineering (University of Moratuwa, SL), PG Diploma in Manufacturing (University of Durham, UK), MBA (University of Sri Jayewardenepura, SL)

Employed since: 2007

How did your career start out?

My first job was as a production engineer, but when I joined MAKEEN Energy it was as Quality Control Manager in Sri Lanka. This meant that I was in charge of making sure the quality of our products was consistently flawless. I helped establish a quality department from scratch that achieved zero quality defects and obtained an ISO certification within 6 months. Aside from that, I contributed to making developments and improvements to ensure lean processes.

How has your career developed at MAKEEN Energy?

In 2010, with a record of zero significant quality issues for a whole year, I passed the baton to a new Quality Control Manager.

But then, the company established the new Design & Technical Communication department from scratch,  which I am heading today. We also called it the “Ducati Project”, as we wanted to uplift the quality of our technical documentation to the same level as the motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. I also continue to support production, quality, certification and lean process improvement projects, which are my strengths.

What are the most important skills in your position?

It is very important to have insight into how processes work and how you can give them the optimal conditions for success – and the same is true for people.  On top of that, solid communication skills are key. You need to be able to get your point across clearly and authentically to keep everyone engaged and focused on the right direction. And finally, you of course need knowledge about engineering, planning and industry norms.

What is it like to work at MAKEEN Energy?

It’s a challenging work environment, but for all the right reasons. The thing I enjoy most about it is that I get to be part of a global team that comprises people from a variety of countries, cultures and backgrounds. Since I started working here, I have learned so many things about other cultures, such as the Nordic, in addition to learning about management approaches and safety standards in the LPG industry.

What is your best memory or proudest achievement?

Aside from what I already mentioned, such as heading the establishment of 2 departments from scratch and leading our ISO 9001 certification in 6 months without any consultancy support, I am proud to have been a part of the team that won a TCUK award (Technical Communication UK) for the quality of our LPG cylinder filling system manuals.

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