Kevin Roblet & Nicolas Ngon Kemoum

image of Kevin Roblet and Nicolas Ngon Kemoum in front of yellow LPG cylinders
The perfect combination of home and abroad

Names: Kevin Roblet & Nicolas Ngon Kemoum
Position: Area Sales Manager Supports, MAKEEN Energy France 
Education: Business and engineering
Employed since: 
October 2018

Wherever you are, we are. That is what we tell our customers all around the world. And to keep that promise, our organisation must be global all the way into the heart. Offices and worksites across the globe are two of our means. Another is our internationally oriented employees who see and seek out opportunities across borders. In France, the state-supported V.I.E. International Internship Programme gives graduates and young professionals with international mindsets the chance to combine being at home and going abroad. Through the programme, that is exactly what Kevin Roblet and Nicolas Ngon Kemoum are doing right now as a part of MAKEEN Energy.

When governments and organisations go hand in hand

The two Frenchmen started at our office in Saint-Rémy in October 2018, but already from day one, they had planned to leave the location 3 months later. And that is the whole point of the V.I.E. programme. Not that they should turn their backs on Saint-Rémy in particular, but that they should move away from their home country and go abroad after the initial training period.

In broad terms, the programme is a collaboration between the French government and companies that are willing to and interested in developing their activities abroad. A description that fits like a glove with MAKEEN Energy.

To apply for the programme, you must meet certain requirements. You need to be under 29 years old, speak French and have a university degree, to mention a few examples. Kevin and Nicolas could tick off all the required boxes so they sent their applications to join the programme as a part of MAKEEN Energy - and luckily for both them and us, we found common ground.

Why choose MAKEEN Energy?

Before joining us, both young men studied business and engineering. Kevin has specialised in first metallurgy and boiler making and later entrepreneurship, whereas Nicolas has concentrated on business development and energy markets. Now, they have similar positions within MAKEEN Energy and can write "Area Sales Manager Support" on their business cards, resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Nicolas explains why he chose MAKEEN Energy:

"I was specifically looking for a job that dealt with both the energy industry and the African market. And this is exactly what the position at MAKEEN Energy does. It allows me to combine the two disciplines I have been studying at the university, so on paper it was perfect. And once I met the team in Saint-Rémy, I knew that it would be just as good in real life."

To Kevin, the combination of domestic and international was a crucial factor - and a mix that both the V.I.E. programme and MAKEEN Energy support. After the training period in Saint-Rémy, both Frenchmen will spend the remaining time in Africa. The programme lasts up to 2 years in total - which is the case for our two newcomers - and they will therefore have 21 months abroad. Kevin will be located in Kenya and focus on developing the LPG market in Eastern Africa, while Nicolas goes to Nigeria to work on developing the West African LPG market.

"I applied because it is amazing! Both the programme itself and MAKEEN Energy as a company. To me, it is the perfect combination of on the one hand having an amazing experience abroad and on the other hand working for my own country. I am sure it will be a great experience both personally and professionally", Kevin says.

Status: 3 months down and 21 to go

At the time of writing, Kevin and Nicolas have completed the 3 months training period in France and have now arrived at their new locations in Africa. They will stay here for 21 months until the programme ends. Even though everything is still new, both young Frenchmen have already got to know the company, job and colleagues quite well. And to Nicolas, the global element is without a doubt the best thing about being part of the MAKEEN Energy family:

"What I really like about MAKEEN Energy is the international aspect, of both the people and the company. I feel like I can go almost anywhere in the world and find someone who is part of our family."