Ili Atiqah Binti Dunia

image of Ili Atiqah Diniti Dunia
Not a man, but so much more

Position: Sales engineer, Kosan Crisplant Malaysia - part of MAKEEN Energy
Education: Electric engineering
Employed since: September 2013

The beginning

It was a coincidence that led me to Kosan Crisplant (part of MAKEEN Energy, ed.). I had a degree in electrical engineering, and I worked in the farming industry for a German company. I was a superintendent of the site installation and of the after-sales for the technical operations. As time passed by, I found myself looking for new challenges.

In 2013, one of my friends had his application rejected by Kosan Crisplant for not having the required language skills. Specifically, Kosan Crisplant was searching for a man who spoke Chinese, but since Chinese is one of my main languages, my friend encouraged me to apply for the job anyway. I thought maybe this was my chance, and it was! In September 2013, I had my first day in the office in Kuala Lumpur.

Although not meeting the requirement of being a man, I managed to get the job anyway due to my language skills and my strong technical background. This experience taught me that you shouldn't give up in advance. You never know how it will turn out, and in my case, I got the job and here I am today.

I started as a project engineer. It was my job to managed projects for on-site installations, and I was managing the installations of the machines from A-Z. Soon, I was given tasks within sales and my career took yet another turn.

Where I am today

Currently, I work as a sales engineer, and my job has changed to focus more on people, seeking to meet the customers' diverse needs. This is very different from the world I am used to. With a machine, you have a standard mechanism, which is always the same. As a sales engineer, you are dealing with a lot of people who all have different needs and challenges.

I have been so fortunate to travel the world with this job, especially in most of the Asian countries. On average, 2-3 weeks each month have been dedicated to travelling, so most of my work tasks are located outside the office. Travelling the world is what I love, because then I get to experience so many interesting people and cultures. It is my ambition and motivation in my job to be working in an organisation where I get to know all types of people. Certainly, it can be a challenge to manage all the travelling and at the same time be a good wife, but luckily, I have a strong support in my husband and our families.

The best thing about working for MAKEEN Energy

From the first day I stepped into the office, I discovered a difference from my previous workplaces. I experienced a flexibility which I have not met elsewhere. Moreover, this company offers a mentor from the management - and this mentor is really ready to help and bring out the best in you.

The management is always available to discuss new opportunities and changes in your job, and the overall mentality is truly open and honest. When I started, I was hired as a project engineer and later on, I was offered to change my position to sales engineer, which was an opportunity I could not resist. Here, there is a trust throughout the whole organisation, which I deeply appreciate.