Heine Lahn Petersen

An internship that never ended

Position: Software Engineer, Kosan Crisplant Denmark - part of MAKEEN Energy
Education: Software Engineer
Employed since: 2001

The beginning

It all started as sort of a coincidence while searching for a trainee position, which is a mandatory part of the engineering education in Denmark. When I looked at the list of possible employers, Kosan Crisplant (part of MAKEEN Energy, ed.) had actually just been added to the list. Lucky for me! I applied, got an interview with R&D Manager Erik Jensen, and started work the following February.

After the internship, I went back to school to finish my education in electronic engineering and upon graduation, I went back to work for Kosan Crisplant; this time on a limited contract to finish my graduation project, which was to see if it was possible to fill more than one cylinder at a time with only one mass flow meter, using the principle of 'additive filling'.

The mass flow meter thing turned out not to be a feasible idea, but as we all know today, 'additive filling' works fine with 5 load cells instead, the way it is done on our high-speed filling system Flexspeed.

By the time the mass flow project was canceled, I was already poking my nose into other aspects of the company's PC software and CUC controller, having lots of ideas and wanting to contribute to the further development of the electronic filling and maintenance system. In the end, this led to a regular employment contract.

My current job

I design and develop software, primarily for the CUC unit. This includes both new features and improvements on existing equipment. Sometimes I also travel to various destinations around the world for commissioning of new installations (mostly Flexspeed) or if we are to test major software changes on traditional equipment.

I also have quite a big interest in mechanics, which is often a benefit when working on-site, where our CUC software, mechanical components and power panel have to work together in order for the entire system to work.

The best thing about working for MAKEEN Energy

In MAKEEN Energy, there is a huge amount of freedom. If you feel something could benefit the company, there will be no objection to going ahead with it. Of course, this also requires a high level of responsibility, since we always have to consider the current projects and various deadlines over the development of 'nice to have' features.